Stila Matte ‘N Metal Palette Review

    July 23, 2017

    As a makeup lover, I feel like I’m constantly adding to the wish list in my head. With all of the amazing beauty gurus, smart advertising of makeup companies, and the packaging that somehow manages to become even more appealing, it can feel daunting to purchase a new product. When there are so many “holy grails” out there, it can be hard to buy makeup that you won’t have to turn around and return. In the interest of helping you make meaningful purchases on products you love, I’ve decided to review the Stila Matte ‘N Metal palette.

    Lately, I haven’t found an eye shadow palette that’s caught my eye, until I laid eyes on the color range in this beauty. The super crazy and colorful palettes may be enticing, but I’m a neutrals girl who only goes slightly astray from the gold and brown family. The mauve shade in this palette was a big selling point and this combination looked neutral enough for everyday use, but with the ability to create fun, unique looks.

    Image 3

    New Palette on May 7th.

    Image 2

    Palette after daily use on July 17th.

    Image 1


    Image 5


    • Amazing Blendability– I’m use to using Mac and Too Faced shadows, so I know a thing or two about easy to blend formulas. However, the mattes in this palette are out of this world and make you look like a professional instantly.
    • Beautiful Colors– I love the matte mauve shade (Suede) and grayish black shade (Flare) that still look neutral, and aren’t something I have in my other palettes.
    • Staying Power– I never have to worry about my eye shadow lasting throughout the day when I use this. Not having to touch up throughout the day is a big win for me, however I can’t say the same for the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
    • Layout– I appreciate having 12 different options to choose from without sacrificing the size of the pan. The mirror is big which is always a bonus and the shade names are conveniently stamped on the back instead of an annoying plastic cover. Also, this palette is compact enough for travel and can create several complete eye looks.


    • The Packaging Scratches Easily. This palette may look cute, but I have so many scratches on the front already, which doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies about it holding up well long term.
    • Major Fallout in the Pan. While fallout hasn’t occurred on my face, it does happen in the pan of the palette. The shade I use for a transition color is all over the other shimmers, and I have to go in every so often and shake it upside down then swipe with a tissue. This could also be one of the reasons I panned the shade so quickly.
    • Very similar colors. Of course if you really wanted a punch you could build up several of the shades for a more smokey look, but overall most of the shimmers swatched differently, but were a similar range of brown tones on my eye. Even the grayish black shade is wearable all over the lid for every day. Personally, I appreciate how neutral this palette turned out, but I know it can be a turnoff to most.
    • Glitter– Just be warned, the shimmer shades in this palette are pretty glittery. They all seemed to have silver glitter mixed in once on the eye, which I didn’t mind as it wasn’t a total glitter bomb, but for those who are looking for a shiny shimmer, instead of a glitter shimmer, this is not for you.
    • Already Panned– According to the Sephora app, I purchased this palette on May 7th. Granted I have used it everyday since, but I was dusting Velour on my crease when I noticed I hit pan. Maybe I’m just use to the endless product packed into Mac’s shadows, but this made me question if I’m getting my monies worth. Before I sound too negative, I just wanted to point out that just because I hit pan, doesn’t mean the shade is gone, it always takes months longer to completely use the shadow from this point, but I really love this transition shade and don’t want to have to purchase a single so soon.

    I may seem hard on this palette, but overall it reminded me why I love Stila products. The Matte ‘N Metal palette is a part of my everyday makeup routine and I’m glad I made the purchase.

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