The Best Pair of Pants You’ll Ever Own

    November 23, 2017

    Ok, I know you’re probably thinking the title of this post is quite a weighty claim, but just hear me out. Ever since I saw the Daily Connoisseur’s ten item wardrobe (she starts talking about the pants at 6:14), I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of pants like hers. They are technically a jogger style, however the fabric makes them more elegant, so you can actually wear them to work and still be extremely comfortable. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but after months of trying to find a similar pair, I even considered trying to make them myself. And I can’t sew! In fact, I’m afraid of the sewing machine and only know how to cross stitch and latch hook.

    Here is a picture of these amazing pants (click here to check them out):

    *At the time this post goes live, the pants are 50% off with the code “THANKFUL.”

    Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.57.52 AM

    (They come in Regular, Tall and Petite. The color options are black, navy and olive.)

    *Just a warning  tall girls, I’m 5 ft and the Regular style fit me perfectly at the bottom of my ankle. As in, no hemming perfectly! I would consider getting the tall option.*

    When a sweet friend took me shopping to find my Christmas present, I saw these pants on the rack in Ann Taylor, and couldn’t snatch them off the hanger fast enough! Long story short, I picked out a black pair. My friend tried them on after seeing me in the pants and decided grab a navy pair . In hindsight, I feel less crazy now, as they must be a popular style that everyone’s looking for because an employee walked by and said she owned them in every color. Then, as if it were a scene from a movie, another woman walks out of the dressing room in the same pair of joggers!

    Of course this warranted me buying a pair online in navy as soon as I got home, because I’ve looked for these pants all my life! When I bought them, the Ann’s Friends and Family sale was going on and they were 40% off. It wouldn’t be true Overdressed and Underbudget fashion, if I didn’t tell you Ann Taylor is always running sales! I had to stop their emails because it was too tempting!

    I knew I couldn’t keep the secret of these amazing pants to myself, so I just wanted to share. However, always remember if you can’t afford them or don’t need them, then don’t buy them! I never want to influence you to make a frivolous purchase. I feel they fill a hole in my wardrobe and will be comfortable and professional when I’m in the classroom all day. Also, if you’re about to graduate college, what a great item you can add to your closet as you transition into the workforce.

    Who doesn’t want to look chic, cool and comfy at the same time?

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