Mac Makeup at Drugstore Prices

September 25, 2017

When most people think of Mac, I wouldn’t say affordable is an adjective they would typically think of. I have been using Mac products for dance since the age of three, when I had to put on lipstick and blush for recital. As a true Mac lover, I have to let you in on a budget friendly secret! At a Mac Pro store or online, you can buy single eyeshadow pans for $6 a piece!! That’s in the same ballpark as a Colourpop or Loreal single shadows! It’s a great way to try the brand without having to pay $17 for a single eyeshadow, just because of the extra plastic packaging.

If you don’t already own a magnetic palette to house the shadows, the large Mac version is just $8 without inserts! If your palette is to look uniform, I would suggest buying the blank price insert. I don’t have an insert, so I can fit a blush pan ($13) and a Bobbi Brown single.

Here are pictures and swatches of my palette:

*Warning- This palette is only magnetic for Mac products, but I just bought $2 magnets from Walmart to stick on my Bobbi Brown shadow and it has worked fine.

Now I try to summon all my willpower not to walk by the Mac Pro store in my local mall, because these prices make it too easy to try every color!


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