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November 7, 2017


Small Admissions: The ending of this book was so good, and for a non-murder/thriller, it did have a great twist! The story is about Kate, as she loses all motivation to continue life after a break-up with her boyfriend, who dumps her at the airport on their way to Paris. Later you find out the break-up may not be the only reason her life unraveled. After constant pushing from her overbearing sister, Kate may just find her way back with a new job as an admissions counselor at a fancy elite private school. Or, will she fall back to her old ways of sitting on the couch all day. Trust me, you’ll want to read to find out!


All the Missing Girls: I honestly can’t decide if I love or hate this book. The story is not told in sequential order, which can make for a confusing and frustrating read. However, the ending has such a twist, that I walked away happy to have taken the time to read this novel. Overall, I would recommend giving it a chance.

women in cabin 10

The Woman in Cabin Ten: I had a hard time initially getting into the plot, because it was very reminiscent of The Girl on the Train. However, toward the middle/end of the novel, I was hooked as the mystery came to a close. Overall, a great read, but I wouldn’t recommend it first on the list. What can I say? I’ve just read, so many home runs lately, that it didn’t quite measure up.

Not so perfect life

My Not So Perfect Life: I’ve talked about this a million times, so now I’ll just say, read it!


Gingerbread Cookie Murder: I love the Hallmark series adaptation of these novels starring Allison Sweeney. The book is just as adorable, and while they may be about murders, the books are just as sweet as the recipes included in every chapter. Heads up, there are three separate mini stories relating to gingerbread murders, featuring three sets of characters. I throughly enjoyed this book and will be reading the rest of the series.


Into the Water: Best book by Paula Hawkins hands down. This is my favorite read of the summer and this eerie, mysterious, fast-paced thriller will suck you in, too. The only recommendation I have when reading this novel, is to read in a very quiet place with no distractions. The narration switches from the point of view of several different characters who all inter-connect. You are constantly trying to keep up with the plot, while remembering their back story and searching for the seeds of foreshadowing prevalent in the novel.


Big Little Lies: This book reads just like a television script! There is a snowball of gossip, lies and secrets gathering that pummels one character at the end. The story begins at the end of a party where one attendee was murdered, and the gossipy mothers giving their statements to the police. You’re taken through the events leading up to the party. I audibly gasped several times during the last chapter and was very satisfied by this whodunit.

What books have you been reading? Let me know in the comments, because I always love a good book recommendation!



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